Thank you for taking the time to visit  Since being sworn in on January 10, 2011, as a State Representative, it has been my great honor and privilege to represent the people of District 6 in Little Rock. Everyday I have sought to provide the strong representation and decisive leadership that the people of District 6 deserve.

While I believe my past legislative sessions were very productive, there is still much work to be done.  My goals remain unchanged from my first campaign and those are to work to create jobs and economic development, create greater efficiency in state government, upgrade infrastructure particularly the state’s highway system, improve the quality of public education, and always stand up for the people of South Arkansas.

Consistent with those goals, I was very pleased to be the lead sponsor of the Sales Tax Holiday legislation (House Bill 1369, Act 757 of 2011), perhaps the most widely known enactment from the 2011 session, that drew national attention and exempted certain items of clothing, school supplies, and numerous other items from sales tax during the first weekend of August.

Additionally, I served as lead sponsor of legislation that establishes the office of prosecuting attorney as a non-partisan office (House Bill 1855, Act 1110 of 2013), and of legislation that aims to curb over-burdensome regulation by reforming the regulatory process to require state agencies to consider the fiscal impact on individuals and businesses when implementing new or revised rules (House Bill 2021, Act 759 of 2013).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time. I continue to stand by the pledge that I made seven years ago and that is – I will work tirelessly to make all of our voices heard in Little Rock. I once again ask for your vote and your support.


Matthew Shepherd

The Shepherd Family (from left to right):
Mary Kate, Matthew, Alie, Eli and Libby.